WishlistBester Review: Eleven Store Its A Scam Or Legit Website?

If you’re looking to read an WishlistBester / Eleven Store review and review, then you’re at the right place because we’ve attempted to provide you with the most accurate information and in the most straightforward manner to provide you with short details about the site. All you have to do is go through this page to determine if it’s you are dealing with a WishlistBester.com fraud or a legitimate company.

What is WishlistBester.com?

It’s an online retailer that sells a variety of items like OOAK, Voodoo Doll Cone Burner, Incense Burner, Christmas Ribbon Fairy Lights Flying SPINNER MINI Drone Flying, Bouncing Mouse Cat Toy, Bottle Lights, Heart Shape Special Christmas Tree Effect Glasses , HLK HORROR MOVIE ORNAMENT The Christmas Arabian Wood Horse Head Wall Decor Aunt Bethany’s Fried Cat Decorated Fur Trimmed Rug in the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation , Southwestern Apache Navajo Everyday Wood Flower Horse Head Wall Artwork or Door Hanger Indian Horse Wreath, Friesian Halloween Dark Wood Flower Horse Head Wall Artwork or Door Hanger the Christmas Dressage wood Horse Head Decor for Walls Spring/Summer/Daily Wooden Horse Head Wall Artwork Winter Wreath Farmhouse Double Horse Head Christmas Wreath Decompression Splatpig , Head Shakers Emojis used for Cars(8 Pcs) women Starry Sky waterproof Watch, 2021 Jigsaws Puzzles 1,000 Pieces Puzzles for Children and Adults Gifts, AMERICAN FLAG 420 LED STRING Lights-large USA Flag Outdoor Lighting The Christmas Lights LED Snowflake Projector Lights 2021 UPGRADED Owl-shape Double-lens Snowflake Projector Lights The Crystal Christmas Tree with Led Light, Handmade Surprise Christmas gift Succulent Christmas Tree, etc. There are many things you need to be aware of prior to choosing it as your preferred shopping site.

WishlistBester Eleven Store is classified as one of the suspect websites due to one of the reasons listed below:

Company Address:

The address and number for this online store aren’t listed on its website. However, legitimate businesses will always display these details on their websites. It is clear it’s trying to hide the information, therefore we shouldn’t believe in a company that does this to conduct any kind of online shopping.

The mail address i.e. mojitobuy@outlook.com is a free email address but not its domain specific one.

The security of the website

It has put its fake Trust Seal that is used by Norton on its a few Product Details pages. If you purchase from this website you could be exposing your personal and financial details, such as credit card number could be taken.

Sales and Discount discounts and sales

The store is selling a variety of items such as “High-Tech Artificial Intelligence Robot” with a ridiculously high discount which none of the legitimate stores could afford to offer at all, not even Black Friday. Be aware that legitimate online retailers can provide substantial discounts but only on small quantities of items on Black Friday but not on all the products the one this store claims to offer and also does not offer offering such massive discounts.

Copyed content:

Many details are available on its site, including its theme that is compatible with a variety of scam websites.

Its domain name i.e. WishlistBester.com and the name of its website i.e. Eleven Store differ, but legitimate websites don’t use their website’s name differently from their domain name. Additionally, the identical website name is listed on its policy pages, instead of the domain name because of a copy-paste mistake of content.

In addition, it has listed the domain name of a different website instead of the one it owns on its About Us Privacy Policy and Privacy Policy. pages i.e. Eleven New but it has no information about the link to that website, whereas legitimate companies will always disclose their affiliation to other sister websites when they are connected to any.

Returns and Exchange:

It comes with Refund Policy which has been discovered to be extremely unrealistic for exchange or return of items. It is nearly impossible to obtain the full refund from these types of sites due to their confusing policies.

Customer Complaints and Delivery:

The customer service as well as the delivery time of sites that are similar to this site are also extremely poor, as indicated by the complaints from users of similar websites.

Our Final Verdict:

All of the reasons mentioned above can be enough to prove it is a fact that WishlistBester / Eleven Store is one of the most suspicious websites.

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There are a lot of online stores claim that they are selling various products at enormous discounts, but the majority of them are frauds. Therefore, it is recommended to stay clear of new online stores, or at the very least conduct some research prior to purchasing anything from these online stores as the majority of these stores aren’t able to deliver the bought items to their customers or deliver totally unrelated or low-quality products. Certain scam websites have been known to charge the credit card of customers in random ways without their permission. So, if you’ve had the misfortune of purchasing from scam websites, we advise you to immediately call your credit card or bank firm to safeguard your credit card details.

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