What does an Endocrinologist do for Weight Loss?

Weight loss is a concern for almost every other person out there. Despite the age or gender – everyone loves to stay fit and look good (apart from some rare people, of course). But if we talk about the majority, weight loss is a concept everyone follows. If you’re gaining weight, it’s time you adopt weight loss habits and start losing them.

But that’s not too difficult with so many varieties of weight loss tips, diets, and routines available on the internet. Every day new methodologies and home-based treatment for weight loss are being introduced. But if you can’t rely on that, medical treatments have also explored various weight loss methods.

However, is that the best way to opt for when you’re least professional in this matter? No, right? So why not consider the weight loss solutions professionals suggest? For a clearer idea, let’s go ahead and explore what does an endocrinologist do for weight loss below in detail, shall we?

Who is An Endocrinologist?

Before considering the solutions and treatment suggested by an endocrinologist, it’s important to know who these professionals are. Most commonly, we prefer consulting general physicians and doctors to get instant weight loss medicines and treatments.

Yet, since weight gain is often linked with hormonal change, it can effectively be reduced if you keep up with that hormonal change. For that special need, specialists like endocrinologists serve as the best professionals.

Endocrinologists are doctors that specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases or health conditions linked with our hormones. The most common hormone-related and endocrine conditions treated by these doctors are Diabetes mellitus, thyroid dysfunction, obesity, and ABCD (Adiposity-Based Chronic Disease).

However, these professionals can also help deal with other issues with our hormones, i.e., weight loss. Hence, you can certainly count on the treatments and suggestions for exploring what an endocrinologist do for weight loss.

Weight Loss Suggestions by Endocrinologists:

Now that you know who an endocrinologist is, it’s time to explore these health professionals’ treatments and weight loss suggestions. Besides, when dealing with health issues linked with our hormones, there can’t be a better solution than what health professionals suggest. Considering that, let’s talk about the weight loss methods and related concepts following endocrinologist suggestions.

Weight Loss with Changed Eating Habits:

One of the common things to consider when exploring what does an endocrinologist do for weight loss is considering your eating habits. Since your weight is mainly increased because you eat too much of the wrong dishes or too little of them. In both ways, your hormones can be affected, and thus, weight gain can be caused.

Therefore, it’s crucial to consider eating habits and make necessary changes when you need to lose weight. While you can make these choices when you consult your healthcare provider, making self-made decisions are still possible by:

  • Eating fewer calories. This is very important to lose weight effectively (if you consume too many calories).
  • Low carbohydrate diet
  • Low-fat diet.
  • Foods that aren’t high in calories nor low in nutrients. Your diet should be a balance of everything – nothing too much nor too little. Here, you can consider eating non-starchy vegetables, some fruits, broth soups, etc.
  • Consuming meal replacements to keep your stomach full while taking healthy nutrients only. For this, you can consume shakes or protein bars, etc.
  • Even consumption of a low sodium DASH diet is very helpful for weight loss.
  • Other Weight Loss Strategies:

The best thing about weight loss and consulting health professions is that they often suggest natural ways to deal with the excessive ways. This limits the struggles of facing side effects during your weight loss journey.

Yet, if these methods don’t work effectively, the endocrinologist prefers consumption of medications. But before we head onto that, let’s first explore the other ways related to what does an endocrinologist do for weight loss, shall we?

  • Daily weighing yourself
  • Having a daily food and drinks consumption record.
  • Consuming breakfast at the same time daily.
  • Consistently following the same eating patterns for the whole week (including weekends).
  • Opting for Medications:

While most people see a significant difference in their weight, simply by changing their diet and focusing on a consistent workout routine, sometimes it’s not enough to keep up with the hormonal change and lose weight.

Hence, you may end up facing weight loss difficulties eventually. At that time, what does an endocrinologist do for weight loss is anti-obesity medications? These medicines work with lifestyle changes, i.e., in diet, exercise, etc., and effectively reduce weight.


Now that you know what does an endocrinologist does for weight loss, it’s time you consider whether you need an endocrinologist’s consultation or not. So go ahead, try the basic weight loss diet changes and workout sessions, and make sure your hormonal change doesn’t make that weight a life-long issue for you! Besides, change is always possible unless you don’t give up!

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