What are the Main Causes of Addiction?

The abuse of alcohol and drugs has destroyed the lives of millions, and the problem seems to be one that will never end. It has been estimated that well over nine million Americans currently need treatment for their deadly addiction. Most of us have been affected by the disease of addiction, whether it is directly or from afar. This has become such a common issue it prompts one simple question… why? After numerous lives have been claimed and even more families destroyed, why would anyone take the gamble with an addiction to alcohol or drugs? Every addict has their own answer to the madness. Let us now dig deeper into this issue and try to understand the main causes of addiction.

Scientific View

An addiction can be defined as a compulsive habit of consuming or partaking in a substance or activity with disregard for a knowing negative effect. This can either be from a mental or physical standpoint, as well as a dangerous mixture of both. An addiction to drugs can be considered a behavioral dysfunction, in which mind-altering chemicals modify the individual’s ability to think rationally.

When an individual has a mental or psychological addiction, he or she abuses drugs frequently to obtain some type of pleasure or take away the anguish they may be experiencing. This results in an emotional state where the addict believes that he or she must depend on that substance in order to survive. It places a belief in their mind that they can no longer carry on with the daily routine of life without the drink or drug.

Inherited Traits

Many of the traits and characteristics we have actually come from our relatives. The disease of addiction is no different. If your parents had a history of substance abuse, then it is possible that you may carry the same cravings. Infants born with a natural addiction to crack are solid evidence of the fact.

Addictive Nature

Some people are simply more susceptible to addiction than others; it is in their nature. This may include gambling, participating in illegal activity, and certainly taking drugs. Someone with an addictive nature is often easily persuaded by others, feeling an overwhelming need for acceptance regardless of circumstance.

The Wrong Environment

Many addicts develop a habit because they are surrounded by drugs, and they are easily accessible. If you are raised in a household where drinking is a daily or even a weekend routine, then you are more likely to pick up those traits. The majority of your peers taking drugs also provides you a reasonable excuse to follow the trend.

Highly Addictive Drugs

Most people experimenting with drugs have no intentions of becoming an addict. They are often confident in the ability to give it a try and simply quit at their leisure. The problem here is that a variety of drugs are highly addictive. Drugs such as marijuana and cocaine provide such a euphoric effect that the user will constantly partake in order to achieve that extreme high they experienced the first time.

Different people have acquired an addiction for many different reasons; none of them can be justified or lessen the negative effect. With that said, understanding why your loved has chosen to take this path will make it much easier to reach them, and it will enable you to find them the help they need.

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