How Long After Quitting Smoking does Skin Improve?

Topic: How Long After Quitting Smoking does Skin Improve?

Are you planning to quit smoking because this unhealthy habit has affected your beautiful skin massively? While smoking is something no one intends to adopt in their life, a single time can make it a never-ending habit. It’s like being addicted to a bad habit, just after you try it once. The first attempt can be either just for fun or as a ‘cool thing,’ which is certainly not that cool after all! Not just your lungs or energy, but also your body’s ability to cope with diseases and even your skin’s health – everything is compromised when you start smoking. That’s when most people prefer quitting smoking, as the negative impact is too much to handle.

Mainly, the dull yellowish tone of your skin caused by smoking makes you look worse. And if you’re someone who prefers good looks, your skin may be the leading factor to make you quit smoking. But how do you get enough motivation? It’s simple! You learn how long after quitting smoking does skin improves. This can help you understand how fast you can start achieving your health again and how quickly the results can be visible to make you stop wanting to smoke again!

Okay, it’s certainly not easy to quit smoking, but once you know how long after quitting smoking does skin improve, the negative skin impacts of smoking, and how quitting smoking can benefit your skin, you surely won’t want to go back to it! So without further ado, let’s go ahead and explore that below in detail.

Are Positive Results Instantly Visible on Your Skin?

When it comes to learning how long after quitting smoking does skin improve and noticing the positive skin changes, you can easily see instant positive results on your skin in just a few weeks. Simply because the skin regains its elasticity after a person stops smoking. Hence, it not only starts looking fresher but also smoother to touch.

Additionally, in the first few weeks of quitting smoking, you will also see how your skin complexion cuts back on the yellowish look and gains its visible brightness again. The more prominent and healthier skin look may take its time to return to you after quitting smoking. Yet, you can easily see and feel that your naturally beautiful, brighter, and pleasant skin is back in its original look – that also in just six months.

Negative Impacts of Smoking on Skin:

When it comes to quitting smoking, one needs immense dedication and motivation to let go of the will to smoke. Getting rid of any addiction is certainly not an easy task. Yet, when you’re fully aware of the negative impact that it is causing you and how it can lead to more issues in the future, achieving that will to let go of the addiction can be possible.

In this case, when you are a frequent smoker, you might know that this habit is affecting your health massively. Not just with the constant news people keep sharing of how smoking causes cancer, but also with the changing g energy and abilities inside of you – which is also unavoidable.

Yet, what helps the most is teaching yourself the detailed effects of smoking. Here, only if we talk about the negative impact of smoking on the skin, there’s a comprehensive list of skin issues. Some most common one’s that a consistent smoker can encounter include:

  • Uneven Skin Tone:

The primary reason is the constricted blood flow caused by smoking. Hence, almost every smoker ends up having an uneven skin tone after adopting a regular smoking habit, making their skin look pale and yellow (sometimes even grey).

  • Skin Aging:

Yes, you heard that right! Smoking can also make your skin age – way before the time! So if you’re a regular smoker, you may face wrinkles and fine lines on your face.

  • Sagging Skin:

Another huge skin issue that most regular smokers face is the skin to sag and droop. Hence, it makes you look older than your actual age.

  • Psoriasis:

A form of psoriasis, i.e., palmoplantar pustulosis, is easier to be diagnosed in smokers. So when a smoker uses a cigarette to cope up with stress, it makes them more vulnerable. This also makes smokers face more frequent psoriasis outbreaks.

  • Skin Cancer:

Now we all know about this skin issue caused by smoking. Yet, while it may seem like just another skin issue that some smokers face, it’s not. Instead, every single smoker is twice at the risk of facing common skin cancers like SSC. Hence, being affected with skin cancer if you’re a regular smoker isn’t rare.


With so many skin issues being common among regular smokers, it’s time you decide to have your natural healthy skin back. Besides, it may be hard today, but it’s worth letting go of the addiction for a better future. So it’s time you change your life (and skin) by letting go of just one bad habit!

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