Healthy Foods That Will Lower Your Cholesterol Level

Are you also having issues with cholesterol levels in your body? Cholesterol is a fat-like substance made in the liver. This compound is present in your blood and all your body’s cells. It is essential because it helps build tissues, hormones, and cell walls. However, too much cholesterol is also bad for your health.

It increases the risk of heart disease by developing fatty deposits in your blood vessels. When there are too many deposits, it will be more difficult for your blood to flow through your arteries. In this case, there is a need for you to control your cholesterol level.

The best way to control your cholesterol is through eating healthy foods. You also need to have a healthy lifestyle and be physically fit. To do that, you must have your meal plan and choose the right kinds of foods to eat daily. Make sure to visit Valley Family Medicine and have yourself checked up by our trusted physicians.

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Foods that Helps to Lower Cholesterol Level 

  • Oats.

 It is rich in soluble fiber and is best paired with banana or strawberries during breakfast.

  • Beans

Beans are also rich in soluble fiber, which is needed to drag cholesterol out of the body before it gets into circulation.

  • Eggplant and Okra

Eggplant and okra are also rich in soluble fiber. Apart from that, they are highly nutritious and tasty to eat.

  • Citrus fruits 

Citrus fruits such as oranges are suitable for the immune system and help lower cholesterol levels.

  • Nuts 

It is suitable for the heart, and they are good snacks.

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