Fanjolly Review {Dec} Fanjolly Is This Scam or Legit?

If you are looking to read the Fanjolly review? Then you are at the right site because we’ll give you with the basic information regarding the site. What you have to do is browse through our site to find out if it’s an scam or a reliable business.

What is

It’s an online store that sells a variety of products like an upgraded Tipping Bucket Shoe Cabinet, Ultra-Thin Shoe Cabinet, Photo socks with dog socks, hooded Pet Raincoat for Dog Clothes outdoor breathable waterproof Jacket For Large-Size Dogs in the Summertime, cold-resistant socks Carry Expert Pro Stainless Steel Corn Thresher 18 in 1 Portable Multi-functional Snowflake Shape Wrench kitchen Folding Drain Rack 4PCS Car Seat Hanger for the Back with Phone Holder Water bottle for dogs The Anti-Anxiety Bed for Dog By Mighty Paw Cleansing Teeth Squeaking Dog toy Update Kitchen Hand Pressure Cooker, Corn Thresher-Quickly Peel Corn Super soft shoes, etc. There are many things to be aware of prior to choosing it as your online shopping destination.

Fanjolly is believed to be among the suspect sites due to the following reasons:

Company Address:

It has listed the name of its parent company in its “About Us Terms and Conditions, as in addition to on its Contact form as CHOC TRADE CO. LTD. Google Maps can’t find the exact match for the address of this business. It is also not able to find a company named Fanjolly Shop CHOC TRADING CO., LTD that is mentioned in or around the same partial match address. Additionally, like many similar sites that offer the name of the parent company, such as Bumperr, Btree and so on, it has included the picture of the parent company’s name and address, instead of posting directly on its site which is usually done by websites which copy-paste the address of another companies’ addresses to ensure that person can search for the parent company’s address and name on Google. In addition, there are several companies listed on the site, including FRISKA DESK Hertz – Hemel Hempstead, HQ Innovation House, Door to Store, JK Bookkeeping Limited, Subtilis Accountancy Limited and W & O Plumbing and Heating.

Sales and Discounts:

It claims to offer numerous products at massive discount prices, this is a tactic used by many scam websites today to lure consumers into their fraud.

Copyed content:

Many details are available on its site, including the theme of its website that matches with a variety of scam websites.

Returns and Exchange:

It offers a Refund and Return policy which is considered to be extremely unreal and false to allow the return and exchange of products. It is stated that to return an item, the buyer must ship it back. Therefore, it’s almost impossible to receive an entire amount back on these sites because of their unclear terms.

Customer Complaints and Delivery:

The customer service and delivery times of websites similar to this are also quite poor, as per the complaints of users of similar websites.

Our Final Verdict:

Based on these facts, a conclusion can be made that Fanjolly is among the sites that is considered to be suspicious.

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Today, a variety of new online stores claim that they are selling various products at massive discounts, however the majority of them are frauds. It is therefore recommended to avoid new online stores, or at the very least conduct some research prior to purchasing anything from these online stores as the majority of these online stores do not deliver products purchased to their customers or even deliver completely inferior or non-existent items. Some of these online stores have been known to charge the credit card of customers without permission. If you’ve previously purchased from fraudulent websites, we recommend that you immediately call your credit card or bank firm to safeguard your credit card details.

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