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What are the greater myths about masturbation on a human body?

There is a great myth behind masturbation; many men and women are worried about the impacts of masturbation on the human body. Our society is not ready to accept masturbation; it is still considered taboo. In some places, masturbation is not the right activity to perform. But you can carry on with your desires in a private space. However, question arise; Does masturbation cause hair fall?

So, today we are here to clear some facts about masturbation. How does it impact our health, and how often should one perform it without affecting others?

What is masturbate?

Before jumping into the myth categories of masturbating, first, let’s clear the term to masturbate. It is a sexual pleasurable activity that excites your hormones and satisfies them. It helps a man or a woman to explore their body and release them from any sexual worries. Moreover, it is the safest way to engage in sexual activity without harming yourself.

The largest myth of masturbation

Live in a modern world, yet we are surrounded by many myths that can change our lives. Our society is still pushing us backward when it comes to sexual desires, as they are not accepted openly. Many myths relate to the sexual life of a person when it is not followed through the vision of society.

Does masturbation cause hair fall? Masturbation is one of the largest things which scares us most, though it is pleasurable. To take the pleasure out of sexual activities, it must be performed without harming others. Doing masturbation in a private space alone cannot harm others. But the main question arises, is it harmful to the person itself?

Generally, men discuss the facts and myths about masturbation. Also, don’t forget it is one of the most attractive topics that a man can discuss openly. A recent survey has found out that 80% of the adult population (i.e., men & women) are engaged in masturbation. This is a regular fun and satisfying activity for their daily life. Thus, many myths have arisen on this topic, which can affect a person’s mental health.

Does masturbation cause hair fall? You read it right. Many men are scared when it comes to the most impactful question that describes their personality. We all know how hair plays an important role in our personality. Without regular growth of hair on the head, we can ruin our personality.

The myth of hair loss due to masturbation arises with the logic of a decrease in protein and testosterone changes. In today’s article, we take a closer look at the facts behind the myth and clear it through scientific logic.

Why is there a myth about hair loss during masturbation?

Firstly, there is no scientific evidence that masturbation causes hair loss. Secondly, people assume that on every ejaculation, when the body losses semen, it affects hair growth. For information, better hair growth requires enough amount of protein within the body, and semen is made out of protein.

Another presumable theory is masturbation increases testosterone, which leads to an increase in hormonal activity. The excessive hormonal reaction links to hair growth which causes hair loss.

Appropriate logic behind the incorrect myth of masturbation

We bring an appropriate theory and logic behind the incorrect myth of masturbation that leads to cause hair fall. Semen indeed made of protein, but during ejaculation, there is a small amount of protein that goes out from the men’s body. During the time of ejaculation, approximately 3.4ml goes out that contains 0.171g of protein. Whereas on average, a male consumes 56g of protein every day. It defines that the consumption of protein is 300 times more than the ejaculation time.

Thus, there is no proper logic behind the statement that ejaculation causes hair falls when protein intake is larger than it. Its too low to cause any impact that leads to hair fall.

Another theory of increase in testosterone that changes in hormonal activity and leads to the production of DHT. Though DHT produces in the testicles yet it is not a proven fact. DHT circulates in the entire men’s body and at the scalp too. However, the effect is temporary. Hence, neither scientific research has proven that masturbation can cause hair loss.

Reasons for losing hair

Although now we know that masturbation is not behind the hair fall problem. But other factors can cause hair fall in men. We would like to elaborate on some of the factors that affect your hair growth. Either it is a hormonal issue or a genetic problem that leads to hair fall. Besides, problems like skin disorder, scalp infection, irregular diet, and other factors contribute to hair fall.

Also, nutritional deficiency within the men’s body can cause hair fall. However, there are easy remedies to prevent this problem. Moreover, chemical hair products, medication periods, and radiation therapy also lead to hair fall among men. Lastly, stop taking the stress of your daily life. As a result, it is the biggest and vast reason among men for the hair fall problem.

Closing the myth section of masturbation

There is an endless list of masturbation myth, but why you want to invade your privacy with the facts. These facts have not proven yet from the scientists. Honestly, these myths are never seen to end soon as they are taboo in our society.

While other absurdities are trying to fill the head of others with their senseless notions. We tell you not to bring down your belief from the facts. Before believing any masturbation myth, try to clear the facts beforehand on which the castle of myths has been build up. Once you come across the right explanation from the scientific terms, your myths will start to clear up soon.

Next time whenever you come across the question of Does masturbation cause hair fall? Start explaining yourself with the reasonable explanation. It is just propaganda from society’s leader who wants to announce you as the sinner. Enjoy your pleasurable time wherein you can please your sexual desires on your own, do not intrude it with other’s opinion.

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