Difference Between Ayurvedic Cleansers and Regular Cleansers

Looking after your skin health shouldn’t be regarded as a luxury. Instead, it is an essential task for every person who wants to avoid suffering from numerous skin issues with age. Today’s environment is full of pollution and dirt.

Thus, it’s all the more necessary for people to look after their skin health. The ideal way to do it is to use products that contain Ayurvedic herbal ingredients.

Ayurvedic cleansers with ingredients like Callicarpa flower, barley, saffron, and lotus flower gently exfoliate dead skin that clogs the pores. They are very different from regular ones due to their chemical-free nature and the blend of nourishing herbs.

How is an Ayurvedic Cleanser Distinct from a Regular Cleanser?

Ayurvedic face cream is ideal for sensitive skin as it cleanses and exfoliates it naturally. Such a cream undergoes stringent testing in its development phase to guarantee its efficacy.

Ayurvedic face washes, cleansers, and creams remove impurities and moisturize the skin. They have several healing herbs that take care of your inversive skin needs. Some ways by which these cleansers score over chemical-laden products include the following:

  • An Ayurvedic cleanser is free from pesticide residues – An average person comes into contact with chemicals throughout the day.

A number of them are atmospheric contaminants that you cannot control. In this case, a natural Ayurvedic cleanser reduces your exposure to more chemicals.

  • Absence of synthetic ingredients – Many chemical cleaners contain sodium lauryl sulfate. It gives a squeaky feeling after you wash your face. But this chemical strips your skin of its natural moisture.

Those who are allergic to it will find their skin getting irritated when they use a cleanser containing this chemical ingredient. You will never notice sodium lauryl sulfate in a herbal cleanser.

  • Presence of alcohol – Regular chemical-based cleansers has alcohol as one of their ingredients. It’s because this ingredient helps in the creation of a skin-care product in a paste form.

The other reason is that it helps in the penetration of vitamin C in the skin. But products containing alcohol can dry out your skin and make them prone to irritation.

An Ayurvedic herbal cream aids in the natural rejuvenation process by keeping the skin free from dirt, bacteria, and pollutants. You just need to make a paste in water and apply a thin layer. You will find your skin squeaky clean and moisturized when you wash it after ten minutes.

  • Presence of fragrance – Many people get tempted by the fragrance of regular cleansers in the market. When they find the cream or cleanser has a great scent, they instantly get compelled to buy it.

But fragrance is not suitable for your skin health. It’s because regular cleansers have laundry detergents mixed in them. It is what gives them such a great smell.

When you use chemicals for a long time on your skin, it results in asthma attacks, skin allergies, and headaches. To get rid of these concerns, it’s best to use products with natural herb extracts.

  • Lack of parabens – Paraben is a preservative used in many regular chemical face care products. It is included to prolong the shelf life of a product. But it’s prolonged exposure is known to cause various diseases in one’s body.

In contrast, herbal cleansers maintain an optimum pH level of your skin. It encourages the elasticity and suppleness of your skin and helps in the natural elimination of dead skin cells. They also don’t have any harmful ingredients like parabens.

Ayurvedic cleansers are designed keeping in mind the various factors that cause a build-up of toxins in the body and affect an individual’s skin.

The meaning of Doshas is force or fault in your body. These factors include the environment, the food you eat, exposure to sunlight, dirt, and pollution. In Ayurvedic terms, the Pitta, Vatta, and Kapha are the three doshas that are primarily why your body experiences different changes. Ayurvedic medicines and other skin products are based on the science of these doshas.

Ayurveda teaches the world that everything, including your body, comprises these three doshas. The body experiences disorders if there isn’t a proper balance between the three doshas. And to maintain a healthy lifestyle, body, and health, you will have to keep a balance between all the doshas. It can only be achieved when you eat healthy food, sleep well, keep away from stress, surround yourself with nature and positivity, and participate in physical activity.

Yes, there are plenty of natural herbs and shrubs that Ayurveda relies on to maintain a balance between the doshas. And most commonly, all Ayurvedic products originate from natural herbs and elements that have proven to be highly beneficial for many centuries.

Ayurvedic cleansers are mild and soothing. They will make your skin glow and improve the texture by resolving all your skin problems. There is zero chemical composition in them, ensuring no side effects of allergies on your skin. So, look for a trusted Ayurvedic brand offering the best skin care products and grab them to get some fantastic results.

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