Determining if You Should Be a Parent

A Complicated Decision

Human biology has a cyclical element, and fully completing that cycle requires becoming a parent at some point. To fully mature psychologically, emotionally, physically, and even as regards your position in society overall, it’s best to start a family.

Determining if You Should Be a Parent
Determining if You Should Be a Parent

Families are expensive, though, and core to being a family is handling the unexpected. Part of the reason you become a better person as a parent is because you have to learn how to navigate very difficult situations continuously.

Responsibility is necessary, as is determination and stamina. The joy that comes through the process outweighs the pain, though. You’ll constantly hear that sentiment from parents. Generally, it’s recommendable to become a parent.

While just “jumping in” without consideration doesn’t always have a bad outcome, it tends to be a challenging way to go more often than not. What makes more sense is taking your time to do it right, and preparing in advance. To that end, you do want to think about a few pragmatic things.

  1. Are You Physically Able?

If you’re under middle age and in average physical shape, you should be alright. Even so, there are sometimes hidden medical conditions that could prove an issue. Of course, this isn’t nearly so much an issue for the father as it is the mother. He won’t be carrying the baby to term, after all! If you’re about to be a mom, you’ve got a lot more to think about.

It’s probably advisable to find a women’s health specialist you trust. You can make an appointment with the Newton-Wellesley OB/GYN Walpole office for an examination through the link. If you’re not in this area, the link can be a fine template for the right sort of gynecological obstetrician where you are.

  1. Are You Mentally Prepared?
Determining if You Should Be a Parent
Determining if You Should Be a Parent

Nothing can really prepare you for being a parent, but if you’re in a stable emotional and psychological place, you’ll be much more capable during the challenging ups and downs of being a new mom. If you’re thinking about these things, that’s a good sign you’re in the right place. Do some soul-searching before you make the decision.

  1. Are You Financially Able?

This is a big one, and the answer will vary. A relatively low salary could be fine for a new parent or couple, if managing money isn’t an issue. If there’s a lot of debt, there’s not a lot of steady income, and things are variable, bringing a child into the mix could be hard.

It’s not impossible, there are adoption options, and there are financial resources out there. If you can give yourself a financial cushion starting out, though, that’s a good idea.

Taking the Plunge

Physical, mental, and financial ability are three key things you want to think about if you’re considering parenthood. Keep in mind, a child is a blessing; it’s better to be a parent than not to be one, by many accounts. Still, it’s challenging. Be prepared.

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