As cannabis progresses through the legal system, more everyday Americans will learn about what cannabis has to offer. Some of you may already know about CBD, for instance, or hemp seeds’ nutritional benefits. Though it’s not as well known in America as it is in most of the rest of the world, you may have heard of delta-8 THC before. In fact, delta-8 is one of the world’s most researched cannabinoids. This is its first time getting any attention. We’ll look at some of the major benefits of Delta 8 concentrate, made legal thanks to hemp.


Your biggest question might be pretty self-explanatory: what the heck is delta 8 supposed to do to me? Which is the legal version of THC; what’s the difference between this and the THC that is still prohibited by federal law? You can find all the answers here.

Before we go too far, it is important to emphasize the fact that everyone is different. It’s possible that someone else’s experience with delta 8 may be different from yours, so tread carefully if you’re a first-time user.

First-time users, however, refer to those who have never used cannabis before in general. You probably know at least a little bit about what to expect if you’ve tried delta-9 THC before or any marijuana product. There may be no way to compare this high to anything else, so it may seem intense.

It can be described as mellow, next to intense. Users find Delta 8 to be incredibly relaxing, resulting in a relaxed state. In spite of this, they are still able to carry out tasks and go about their daily routines normally. A sense of contentment and relaxation sweeps over them.

Delta-8 THC also stimulates the appetite – aka, the munchies. It enhances your mood, puts you in a good mood, and may reduce certain types of pain. Some users are shocked at how effectively it alleviates their symptoms, even though it may not work for everyone.

You can expect some or all of the following when you are experiencing the effects of delta 8:
  • Feels weightless and floaty
  • Engages your energy levels and helps you focus
  • It makes the user feel mellow and relaxed, but not drowsy or unfocused
  • Enhances the desire to eat by promoting appetite
  • Relaxes you intensely


The delta 9 high can cause anxiety or paranoia in some users. However, that disappears with delta 8. Consequently, the user is able to remain clearheaded. Though relaxation is stimulated, there is no desire to doze off.

Users find that a delta 9 high might make them feel out of control, whereas a delta 8 high helps them feel in control. The delta 8 does not feel out of control no matter how intense it is. 

Some people, fearing the negative effects of marijuana, do not use it at all because of this feeling. But this fear disappears with delta 8.

The delta 8 vape does not make many people sleepy, as some delta 9 THC vapes can. Rather than causing their heart to race or trigger anxiety, it increased their energy level and focus.

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